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Jacksonville, Florida
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North Florida Bicycle Club
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Hi Jonas, I just started riding with the club this year but I'm not new to cycling. I've been doing MS150's on and off since 1997 and this year decided to try my hand at riding a few centuries. Most of the time when I'm riding solo, I ride on the Northside towards Ga.
posted by FloridaBiker on 3/27/2007

Hey Jonas,
Man those races were wicked!!! I didn't get to see the Cat 5 races (I wanted to get there in time for them but my girlfriend was holding me back because she didn't wanna sit out there for 8 hours waiting on the pro race) so I didn't get to see what my competition would look like. I tend to be a bit ballsy when it comes to competitive things though so I think I could at least keep up with the pack. We should definitely get together and ride sometime! What areas of Jacksonville do you ride? I usually ride out on A1A because its conveniently close and seems safe.

posted by XSkydiverX on 4/16/2007

Hey Jonas,

XSkydiverX, thedevil, & I just had a fun ride at the Bicycles, Etc. on Phillips. You oughtta come out, man. Their Monday group ride rolls at 6pm, and the pace is 16-18 most of the time. It'd be great to have another BikeJournalist along for the ride.


posted by MagicPantsJones on 4/16/2007

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Started off Mountain Biking about 6 months ago. Lost enough weight to feel safe on a road bike. Now I'm riding 5 days a week and loving it.

I'll be doing my first Metric Century in April. Followed by my first Century in May. Followed by... 
2007 Giant OCR1
Road bike
Description:  This is my everyday bike. First road bike since I was a kid. I now have carbon! Carbon XRP handlebars. Very fresh indeed.

Lifetime Odometer: 808.8 miles

2007 Motobecane Nemesis
Triathlon Road bike
Description:  Just bought this shiny new kick butt bike. Love this bike. It's way fast. I'm too fat still to be comfy on it, but it looks really cool in my living room.

Lifetime Odometer: 56.4 miles

2006 Giant Yukon
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  My very first bike after about 20 years off of one. Large frame Yukon with several improvements. I keep debating on whether or not to sell this bike or just keep it around when I wanna get dirty or fall off of something.

Real workhorse of a bike. Heavy and ugly, but she's tough.

Lifetime Odometer: 215.0 miles
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