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Hi again! So yeah, you'll have to tell me about the sort of riding you do and what things are like in Great Falls. It's pretty flat in Indiana which is OK with me, but our culture, so to speak, isn't really that bike friendly. Few trails, no bike racks in town really...and i've just returned from a trip to Colorado where everyone seems to be on their bike and super health conscious. Is it like that at all where you are?
posted by Al1023 on 7/25/2007

Hi! Joe and I live in the Seattle area. Joe's family lives in Montana and we are going there this summer to visit. Of course we will take along our bikes! The riding there is pretty great. The riding here in the state of Washington is pretty awesome too! Very bicycle friendly. Joe and I mountain bike and road bike. We love it all. Checkout my home page and blog.



Pedal On!


posted by Susan126 on 6/17/2008

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I started as a kid...and then again as an adult. I think I will stick with it now....  
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