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Elgin, Illinois
Club Affiliations: Commuter Cycling Century
Cycle Time Century
Evanston Bike Club (EBC)
Worldwide INdoor Riders (WINR)
Blackhawk Bicycle and Ski Club
Member Since: September 2003
1 Year | 5 Year
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Lifetime Odometer: 39,869 miles
Rider Comments:
Greg, you typify the bj spirit with your enthusiasm for cycling and your support of others. I recall how you rode back to get Zman in some pretty nasty weather and rescued him. One of my best memories was encountering you on the road this past June after I had just finished the Udder Century. That day you had done a metric double from Lake Geneva via Richmond to home. Quite a feat! You're a steady as you go cyclist with amazing stamina. (Must have been all that submarine training and experience.) Glad to count you among my friends.
posted by Did on 12/4/2005

GTDBike(MR) is another one the greats here on BJ. His riding has improved immensely this last year and he's become a great inspiration to me. He's always been willing to go the extra mile (in the case of going back for Z'man, LITERALLY!) for everybody, and his efforts to make our reunion get together's something special are much appreciated. In 2004 he hauled his projector, laptop, and screen out so we could watch movies. In 2005, as in 2004, he sent us all out CD's with pictures that everybody had submitted. These remain some of my riding treasures. Thanx!!
posted by Rob01 on 12/4/2005

Greg is an "old-timer" on BikeJournal (I mean in experience not age) and has helped me through some of the ropes of interacting with particular personalities here. I have actually only had the pleasure of riding with him once at the Pumpkin Pedal in 2005, but I always look forward to chances to get together with him.
posted by Redsfan on 12/6/2005

I've ridden with Greg a few times now and each time I am impressed with his riding. Don't let him fool you! He is a strong rider and can really crank it up. He is one nice and very cool fella'! He knows a lot, is very humorous, is kind and soft spoken! After having some time this year to get to know him a little better, I consider him to be one of the finest people I have met. You won't be disappointed riding with Greg or having him as a friend. He also takes care of us technically at the Reunions! He is one in a million!
posted by pkq on 12/6/2005

Greg is just the nicest guy you will encounter out on the road! I met him during a ride in summer of 2003 and he introduced me to Bike Journal. We rode together for a stretch and he patiently answered all my newbee cycling questions. I admire his enthusiasm and he is also a role model of mine because of his cycling stamina. Glad to know him and look forward to pedaling some more miles with him soon!
posted by CarpeBikem on 1/27/2006

What they all said......or more specifically- Greg is the perfect host, a grand riding partner, and one heck of a good guy. He goes above and beyond on all aspects of life. He and Pat opened their home to my wife and I, came home from work early to take me on a bike ride in his backyard, bends over backward to make ReUnion what it is, and most importantly he takes long pulls at the front. lol.

Like the others, I look forward to riding with Greg, anytime, anywhere.

posted by JohnnyD on 3/9/2006

Nice to get to meet you GTD. This guy has got to be the fastest person on two wheels going down hill, Take that blazingpedals! Once he gets on the aero bars, I had to practically sprint to catch him. Very nice to meet you and your wife, glad you could make it out to our neck of the woods!
posted by Joe33 on 6/14/2007

Greg, I enloyed biking with you from Lena to Mt. Carroll on Saturday. I found a Reelight, made in Denmark, that runs off magnets, coil and capacitor. Maybe it's the brand you were telling me about. I'll ask my bike shop if they want to stock it.
I hope your ride from Mt. Carroll to Freeport went well. Did Teresa route you up the steep hill, just before returning to Highland COmmunity College? I skipped the tail of the ride, since I just biked on home.
Take Care,
Andrew (Android)

posted by Android on 9/24/2007

click to enlarge
2010 Specialized Crosstrail
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  Picture to follow. This bike replaces the 2008 Crosstrail. The fork, stem, handlebars, drive train, seatr, and wheels where all transferred over from the 2008 Crosstrail.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,190.1 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Specialized TriCross
Touring Road bike
Description:  Purchased new on July 27, 2007
The "Tri" in Tricross stands for urban, cyclocross, and adventure touring. In short, it's just a sturdy-built utility bike that can be ridden anywhere and carry a load to boot.

  • Shimano Ultegra 52-39-30 chainrings
  • IRD Elite Road 10-speed Cassette (11-32)
  • Shimano XT long-cage rear derailleur
  • Hand-built 36-spoke wheels laced 4-cross
  • DT Swiss TK 7.1 rims with SS spokes and brass nipples
  • Shimano Ultegra hubs front & rear
  • Specialized Armadillo Elite tires (700-32)
  • Thompson Elite seatpost
  • Brooks Champion B-17 saddle
  • Areolite areo bars by Profile Design

    Lifetime Odometer: 2,763.7 miles

  • click to enlarge 2008 Specialized Crosstrail (Retired)
    700c Hybrid bike
    Description:  Retired in July 2009 due to damage to the starboard chainstay.

    Lifetime Odometer: 5,324.5 miles

    click to enlarge 2005 Fitnex B50
    Stationary bike
    Description:  Upright stationary bike with magnetic resistance.
    Six built-in programs and 16 levels of resistance. Feedback includes time, weight, watts, program level, distance, RPM, speed, heart rate, calories and average speed.

    Lifetime Odometer: 4,962.5 miles

    click to enlarge 2004 Precor C-846i-U
    Stationary bike
    Description:  Upright magnetic resistance exercise bike. Used at The Centre Gym in Elgin, IL.

    Lifetime Odometer: 398.0 miles

    click to enlarge 2003 Schwinn Voyageur GSX
    700c Hybrid bike
    Description:  RETIRED ON AUGUST 17, 2008.

    Purchase new in May of 2003.
    19 inch aluminum frame, upgraded to a triple crank set (52/39/30) with a 11-32 9-speed cassette
    Set up with racks, fenders, bags, SPD pedals, and lights for commuting.

    Lifetime Odometer: 25,191.3 miles

    click to enlarge 2004 Specialized Sequoia Comp
    Road bike
    Description:  RETIRED: Traded in on July 27, 2007.

    Lifetime Odometer: 2,414.7 miles

    click to enlarge unknown make Borrowed / Rental
    Road bike
    Description:   Borrowed & Rental Bikes

    Lifetime Odometer: 93.1 miles

    click to enlarge 9999 Guess who I know on BikeJournal.....
    Vintage bike
    123 members that I have met:
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    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles
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