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Lakewood, Colorado
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MBBC (Manly Bulge Bicycle Club)
Member Since: January 2005
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Distance Chart
2020 397 199 0
2020 Miles Traveled: 398
2020 Rank: # 411 of 1,100 riders
(includes indoor rides)
Lifetime Odometer: 56,979 miles

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Rode 30,000 miles on an 88 Cannondale 800 then a 94 Litespeed Classic bike; then in 2004 went to a Reynolds T-Bone recumbent and learned to love cycling again. Fast Bent fever has struck and fiscal prudency is merely a distant memory. The formerly new ride was a CarBent Raven Pro, which was stolen in 2014, and subsequently replaced.. ;-)

Year: Miles: Avg: State:
2005 4,070 18.37 OK
2006 4,017 18.99 OK/TX
2007 3,968 18.43 TX
2008 4,005 19.00 TX
2009 4,230 19.02 TX
2010 4,205 18.19 TX/PA
2011 3,465 17.41 PA
2012 2,854 17.12 PA/VA
2013 4,007 17.64 VA
2014 3,010 17.60 VA
2015 4,400 18.07 VA
2016 4,305 18.32 VA
2017 3,422 18.13 VA
2018 3,020 17.91 VA/CO
2019 3,503 17.6 CO 
click to enlarge 2014 CarBent Raven
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Replacement 2014 Carbent Raven

2020 Odometer: 98.6 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 12,224.0 miles

click to enlarge 2011 Bacchetta CA 2.0 700C
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Swapped my old 2010 650c CA 2.0 Medium frame for a used 2011 700c Large frame for a better fit. Crashed on very first ride but used body to protect frame... skin heals, carbon doesn't

2020 Odometer: 298.9 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 4,664.0 miles

click to enlarge 2016 Rans Alterra 29
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Used Rans Alterra 29 for easy mountain/gravel rides in CO

Lifetime Odometer: 60.2 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Reynolds Weld Lab Dual 700 T-Bone
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Big wheels for the Beertruck. Now configured for gravel rail trails at the moment.

Lifetime Odometer: 13,905.5 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Rans Dynamic Pro (Sold)
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  "New to me" Rans Dynamic Pro, bright orange, used for gravel trails and light off road for now

Lifetime Odometer: 137.9 miles

click to enlarge 2010 Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 (Sold)
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Traded in a Used P-38 Voyager straight up for a new 650c Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0. Will be slowly upgrading parts as bike was de-speced.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,098.9 miles

click to enlarge 2010 CarBent Raven Pro (Stolen)
Road bike
Description:  Stock Pro model except: Paul Brake Levers, DA cassette, X-Eyed Brakes (built by Lightweight), KMC SL10 chain, Q Rings (53x39x27), XHD Velokraft seat, and AM Classic 420 Aero wheels. Hope it's as good/better as the Carbon Aero 1.0 was to me...

Lifetime Odometer: 10,686.9 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Bacchetta Carbon Aero 700C (Sold)
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Carbon Aero 700C custom build...M5 brakes, DA 10sp components, FSA SL-K Carbon cranks, Easton EA 90 Aero fork, Velokraft seat. Sold Nov 09.

Lifetime Odometer: 5,333.0 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Bacchetta Corsa (Sold)
Road bike
Description:  Gucci-ized Bachetta Corsa...Velokraft seat, D/A components, FSA Carbon Pro Cranks, etc...if only the engine weighed 60 lbs less. Sold Dec 09.

Lifetime Odometer: 4,449.0 miles
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