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Distance: 6.90 miles Time: 00:30:00 Max Speed: 0.00 mph
Avg Speed: 14.10 mph Category: training: general - solo Route: none
Weight: 239 Altitude Gain: 0 ft Avg Power: 63 W
Calories Burned: 0 Avg HR: 0 bpm Terrain: In: Stat
Bike: Schwinn 213 recumbent Stat Club: Cycle Time Century
Weather Conditions: Rain and snow outside-cozy cool inside.
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 Tracking Bike Mileage
Debating now whether to include my 2020 indoor miles as part of my total cycling distance. In past years, I had decided never to include "indoor miles" but did always counted "indoor hours." However, since becoming an avid ebiker and developing a clear understanding that ebike miles and non-ebike miles require different levels of effort over a given distance, it calls for a need to clarify total miles. The only adjustment between ebike miles and non-ebike miles would be calories burned per ride.

I had calculated at one point that my typical moderate effort burns about 11 Kcal/min. So, Calories per minute is still a viable estimate on an ebike.

In recognizing that many BJ riders DO count indoor miles as part of their total miles for any given year, it still is a potentially meaningful statistic.

Even as my outdoor miles may not reach 1000 this year, I am sure that adding "indoor miles" will put me over that 1000 mile statistic. So as the year winds down, I have decided to keep to mileage statistics "outdoor miles" and "total miles."
Outdoor Miles YTD: 868.48
Total Miles YTD: 1027.28

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