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Distance: 4.63 miles Time: 00:13:33 Max Speed: 30.64 mph
Avg Speed: 20.50 mph Temp: Avg: 34
Category: general: testing - solo
Route: (ATB) Std Weight: 246 Altitude Gain: 285 ft
Avg Power: 0 W Calories Burned: 0 Avg HR: 0 bpm
Terrain: Road: Flat Bike:  Juiced CCX Road Club: Cycle Time Century
Weather Conditions: cold and windy! with 17 mph WSW wind.
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 CCX Class 3 Performance
It was cold and windy but thrilling today on the second spin on my new ebike. I've learned there is a considerable difference between a cadence sensing class 1 ebike (like my old EG Zurich), and the class 3 cadence and torque sensing assistance of the CCX.

The cadence only ebike did not have the ability to assist beyond 20 mph or so, and in fact could not achieve that speed without rider assistance at maximum pedal effort. The CCX has no such need of rider effort (although it does require some pedal input). With the addition of torque sensing, the CCX has the ability to outpace rider effort and zoom the bike beyond 28 mph.

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