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Time: 03:14:32 Route: OBR, Tubbs Mountain, SRT Distance: 38.81 miles
Avg Speed: 11.97 mph Max Speed: 30.30 mph Altitude Gain: 1,928 ft
Terrain: Road: Hills Bike: Trek Émonda ALR Road Club: Clydesdales
Weather Conditions: Clear, 78°F, Feels like 78°F, Humidity 49%, Wind 5mph from W
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 Old Buncombe Road, Tubbs Mountain, and the Swamp Rabbit Trail
Today I rode the Trek from home thinking about doing something different. I rode across town, through Poe Mill, and onto Old Buncombe Road. On Old Buncombe there was a girl standing in the lane of a very narrow 4 lane. Two cars were on that side of the road and she was blocking one and he was blowing his horn. She was flipping him off the whole time. In TR, I had a cyclist blatantly run a stop sign. There were 5 cyclists and a car coming to an all-way 3-way stop.. I stopped and 3 of the cyclists I was meeting stopped. The car stopped and was pulling out when a cyclist from behind the 3 flew out in front of the car. Had the car hit him, I would have testified that the bike blew the stop sign and was at fault. I rode on through TR and went north up the trail and got off just before the cemetery to go to Tubbs Mountain. Once back in that area, Lindsay Lake Road and Bowers Road were freshly paved. I rode them last week and they had been scraped down, but now they have new pavement. I took a picture of Bowers Road as that is the road with a row of very nice houses that I never see people.

Instead of turning onto Old White Horse Road Extension I went across it to Cunningham and was going to follow it to Coleman. That would have been a longer route, but would be a shorter ride on Old White Horse. I wasn’t too far from Coleman when I came to an area that the creek had washed out the road and it was closed. I rode back to Old White Horse Road Extension and rode it to Tubbs Mountain. I took a picture of Table Rock from close to the top of Tubbs and also took a shot of Paris Mountain from the top of Tubbs. The ride down Tubbs Mountain was very rough. The road has taken a beating and is very tough. I rode Tubbs Mountain Road back to Travelers Rest.

I stopped at the TReehouse and sat at their outdoor table and called in an order for a cup of decaf and a fruit cup. They brought it out and Kristen came out to talk. She asked if I had lost weight and we talked for a good while. She filled my water bottle with ice water and I headed out.

I saw Ken riding north while I was riding south somewhere on the Furman section of the trail. I rode the trail south past the Cafe got off at Washington Street and followed it back to town. Then I took Broad Street across downtown and headed to Cleveland Park. They had announced that the streets would be open to bicycles and pedestrians in the park, but the streets are still blocked off. Maybe that will start on Monday. While riding Wildwood Way around Cleveland Park, I hit a rough spot that had been patched last week. It shook the bike pretty hard and I heard something hit the pavement. I turned around and went back up the hill and found the remains of my rear blinky.

I followed my regular route from the park to home and climbed the big hill to get home. Once I was on East North Street several deputy sheriffs passed me with their lights and sirens on while running about 70 mph. I pulled to the curb and watched them fly by. I turned into College Heights (my neighborhood) and heard several more sirens flying by on East North Street and Pleasantburg Drive. Something exciting must be going on up there.


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