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Time: 02:41:00 Route: Swamp Rabbit Trail Distance: 31.98 miles
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Terrain: Road: Hills Bike: Surly Straggler Touring Club: Clydesdales
Weather Conditions: -- myWindsock Report -- Weather Impact: -4.9% Headwind: 45% @ 4.1-6.5mph Longest Headwind: 01h 16m 56s Air Speed: 11.5mph Temp: 87.9-88.8F Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
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 The Trail on the Commons Side of Unity Park is Open
I took the Surly from home on this hot day. I rode to Cleveland Park and went straight up the trail. The bridge and trail on the Commons side of Unity Park are open. It's nice to be able to ride up the trail, but you can see that a lot of projects are in the making that should make it very nice. Now cyclists have easy access to the Commons, which should be a big boost to their business. Then I rode straight up the trail to the north end. There was a woman at the north end that had never been up there before. I stopped at the TRee House and had a decaf iced coffee. Gene was there with Brook and Paige and a couple of girls that I don't know. I rode back down the trail, took some pix of the newly opened section of the trail, then crossed the footbridge above Main Street and took Camperdown and Cleveland into Cleveland Park. I rode up Hillside, but by then the heat had taken all the starch out of my shorts!


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