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Distance: 25.98 miles Time: 02:09:51 Max Speed: 0.00 mph
Avg Speed: 12.00 mph Temp: Min: 73
Max: 87
Category: general: touring - group
Route: North Chili Cycling Weight: 236 Altitude Gain: 873 ft
Avg Power: 0 W Terrain: Road: Flat Bike: Bianchi 32lb-Castro Valley Road
Club: team bikejournal
Weather Conditions: warm and hazy;
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 Bike "Pre-Tripping"

Riding on a rear tire with its cord showing is problematic.

A pre-trip inspection is generally a cursory effort. Along with chain, cassette, and brake inspection, while the Bianchi is suspended from the overhead storage pulley system, spinning the wheels, I checked for embedded stone and flint, wheel run-out, and tire pressure. In the dim recess of the back of the garage, I did not detect the exposed cord belt of the rear tire...

The ride was to be a 50-mile ride, an abbreviation of the RBC #136 ride. Because of the rear tire condition, I decided not to risk doing the whole 50-mile version.

I arrived at the ride starting point before the scheduled start time, Jerry was already there. While unloaded the bike, I made the shocking discovery of the worn-out rear tire. Having discovered the situation at the start of the ride I was ready to pack it in right there, but Jerry, and later Gene seemed to feel it was no big deal. And seeing that the beginning part of the ride was mostly flat I decided to try and bike part of the tour.

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