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 EG Zurich battery
I believe it is time to replace the Li-ion.
The 36v 12Ah battery for my EG Zurich is losing reserve capacity and maybe should be replaced. I have nearly 300 recharge cycles and 5100 miles tallied. The battery seems to be running out of power more quickly than when it was new. Making a call to www.ebikesofne.com/Electric-Bike-Battery-s/1929.htm and speaking with the shop owner, it seems fairly routine getting a replacement for about $500.

During my talk with the shop owner, Paul Morlock, he mentioned that fully discharging the battery before recharging can help prolong the battery's life. I had read different recommendations in the past.

Paul also suggested that waiting about 30 minutes after charging or discharging a battery would help the battery cells "normalize". I suppose I have been doing that some of the time without consciously being aware that was a benefit to prolonging battery usage. Typically, I have been recharging the battery after a commute which is about 1 hour of usage. I've never fully discharged the battery cells because I was under the impression that would shorten the life of the battery. So I have been mistaken? What have other riders experienced relating to battery life?

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